This is the home of Hill Topper Clydes, owned and operated by Calvin and Paula Mason

We are located just 20 minutes, east of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan Canada on Highway #5.  If you have any inquiries please email us at plswrite@hotmail.com or mikhaela.wildman@yahoo.com or phone us at (306) 374-0115 or click here to go directly to our facebook page.


Home to over 30 purebred Clydesdale's.



We have a selection of young stock for sale. We have the links to their pages on the for sale page. We will update photos as soon as we can. Please contact us for pricing and questions.

We are excited to announce that we have purchased Gor-Dey Key from Dennis Gordeyko of Ohaton, Ab.

We are expecting foals from Doura Above All, Willow Way Prozac and DLC Intrepid's Ice Tex & Gor-Dey Key for the 2019 foaling season.

Website was updated August 6, 2018

 If you are interested please contact us!

This site is always being updated. 


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